How To’s of A Social Networking Policy – Tip #5

This week we are going to focus on using firm resources for firm business.

Tip #5 – Use Firm Resources for Firm Business.  Use of the Firm’s network resources for participation in third-party sites should be limited to business purposes.  When making a posting it is best to (a) be direct, informative and brief and never use a Firm client’s name in a blog posting, unless you have written permission to do so from the client, and approval from a partner, (b) identify all copyrighted or borrowed material with citations and links and give credit where appropriate, (c) be careful about posting links, they may contain references to unsecure sites or sites with viruses, (d) fact-check all posts; before posting any online material, ensure that the material is accurate, truthful, and without factual error and (e) be positive and avoid disparaging, demeaning or insulting comments or statements about anyone or anything.

For more information on Protexure Lawyers visit our website at or click on this link for policy information on Protexure Lawyers Professional Liability Insurance.

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