Five tips for small business success in 2012

We are now two weeks and two days into our “new year’s resolutions”.  Maybe you came up with a basic resolution like losing weight or eating better food and hopefully it’s working for you.  You can also do the same for your business this year and transform your business by taking some small steps to better your business in 2012.  Here are 5 tips for small business success in 2012.  1.  Delegate, delegate, delegate.  It’s easy to become overwhelmed when you are a small business owner and take on many of the tasks that others could easily complete.  Allow others to grown along side you and hand some responsibility over and watch them grow in the process.  You get more time and they learn new skills.  2.  Promote yourself.  Take the time to complete a marketing plan that includes social media and follow through.  Social media outlets are free and relatively easy to use.  Or if you don’t have time, hire a social media strategist to complete some of the basic tasks for you.  You are a vessel of knowledge and can parlay that knowledge into customers by promoting yourself through digital marketing.  3.  Join a networking group.  Remember in college when you would stay up all night talking with other students about great ideas?   The same can happen now in networking groups.  You can learn all kinds of new things from other small business owners like yourself.   4.  Learn something new.  It will add to your skill set, allow you to meet new people and gain new insight into things.  It will also improve your work-life balance.  Depending on how you choose to learn, you might meet new and interesting people along the way who could potentially turn into new clients, colleagues or friends.  5.  Put time on your calendar for you.  Schedule yourself some time on your calendar for things that you enjoy and recharge your batteries.  Burn out is common with small business owners and it breeds frustration.   Remember the work-life balance.

The definition of insanity is doing the same thing expecting different results.  Remember that you must try to make change a part of your every day life and maintaining a healthy work-life balance is important.

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