Everybody Makes Mistakes: Why Lawyers Need Professional Liability Insurance

No one’s perfect. We’ve all heard the phrase. Inevitably, mistakes do happen and a Professional Liability Insurance policy is the bungee cord that stops your firm from a free fall. Errors and Omissions (E&O for short), Malpractice, and other Professional Liability Insurance policies cover professionals from all areas of business, including but not limited to: Advertising Agencies, Property Managers, Mortgage Bankers, Accountants, and, of course, Lawyers. Our Lawyers’ policy protects against several different types of claims. Some of the most common errors covered by a Lawyer’s Professional Liability policy are as follows:

  • Failure to File Within the Statute of Limitations
  • Poor Advice Given to Clients
  • Failure to Know The Law or Policy Surrounding a Case
  • Conflicts of Interest
  • Failure to File the Instructions of a Client

Many Lawyers believe that purchasing any type of Professional Liability Insurance makes them an easy target for lawsuits. The truth, though, is that a determined client or savvy attorney can sue you regardless of your Professional Liability status. A policy can protect you from losing assets, paying high court fees, and potentially losing your business. The relatively low cost Professional Liability Premium from Protexure Lawyers makes the protection we provide all the more worth the cost.

What Sets Us Apart

At Protexure Lawyers, we provide our clients with the utmost professionalism and competitive policy rates that are among the best in the industry. Our policies are tailored towards the needs of small law firms. This allows us to provide a more personal form of customer service along with a policy that satisfies the specific needs of a small firm. For a quick, free quote, visit our website at www.ProLaw123.com or give us a call at (888) 803-9898. Also, be sure to “Like” our Facebook page and Follow us on Twitter @ProtexureLAW to stay up to date with the latest news regarding Professional Liability Insurance for Lawyers!

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