Big Law vs. Small Firm: Why Small Firms Come Out on Top

At Protexure Lawyers, we specialize in policies geared towards the needs of Small Firms and Solo Practitioners. Though many graduating Law Students dream of landing a job with a Big Law Firm such as Baker & McKenzie or Latham, a Small Firm job should not be considered “settling for less”. The truth is, working for a Small Law Firm or becoming a Sole Practitioner can lead to a successful career and life after Law School. Here are some of the advantages of working in a Small Firm:

1. Work Environment

Small Law Firms provide a more personal, informal environment compared to that of a Large Firm. Everyone is typically on a first-name basis, which can foster long lasting relationships with co-workers and superiors alike. Also, the less formal environment allows for more flexible scheduling and ability to take time off, if necessary.

2. Nature of Work

Working in a Small Firm or becoming a Sole Practitioner allows you more freedom than Big Law, especially when it comes to the Nature of the Work you do. A Small Firm typically requires a more Hands-On approach to Legal Tasks, without the supervision and intimidation provided by superiors at a Big Law Firm. Also, a Small Firm is less concerned about “specialization” and will help you grow as an Attorney by giving you a diverse array of tasks. This is particularly beneficial for a young Attorney, since the exposure to many different types of Law will build on your Law School Education. If you did not have a specialization in Law School, working in a Small Firm can help blaze the path to finding it.

3. Partnership Track

With the smaller number of employees, a Small Firm typically promotes quicker and provides more opportunity to advance in the company. In a Big Law Firm, Attorneys sometimes spend years wondering if they might ever get promoted, and only dream of becoming partner. As they get older, the dream becomes less attainable. In a Small Firm, the road to becoming partner is much shorter, with less twists and turns along the way.

To graduating Law Students, finding a job might seem like one of the most stressful processes of your life. When considering your offers, make sure to consider all the advantages of each particular one! Here at Protexure Lawyers, we advocate the Small Firm and Solo Practitioner. We are here to inform, guide, and most of all, protect!

If you are a Small Firm or Solo Practitioner, we are here to help! Please visit our website or call (888) 803-9898 for a Quick, Free Quote. Our Policy Rates are extremely competitive and geared towards the needs of Small Firms and Solo Practitioners. Don’t forget to Like us on Facebook, Follow us on Twitter, and, as always, follow our WordPress Blog for the latest news, tips, and guides for Small Firms and Solo Practitioners!

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