Problem Solving for Small Law Firms

Whether you are a BigLaw Firm, a Small Firm, or a Solo Practitioner, there will be a time when you are faced with a problem without a clear solution. These problems are a constant in the management, administration, and the conducting of business. Whereas BigLaw firms have individual departments to handle each of these problems, a Small Law Firm does not typically have that advantage. In many cases, you may have to solve these problems yourself, whether you are a Junior Associate or a Partner at the firm. Not to worry! Here at Protexure Lawyers, we’re here to help! As an advocate for the Small Firm and Solo Practitioner, we have developed a short guide to some of the most common problems that Small Firms are faced with.

1. Weak Marketing

Many Small Firms and Solo Practitioners do not maximize the potential of their individual marketing strategies. Some do not see the benefits of a strong marketing strategy and rely on referrals and word of mouth to expand their business. With so many online resources available for free use, such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, reaching new clients has never been easier. If you do not have a Facebook page yet, it is a great first step into the social media marketing world. Facebook is unique in that the website provides the Admin with what are called “Insights”. These exhibit key marketing statistics, such as “Reach”, which shows how many people see posts on the page and how many people are fans of your page. Facebook also allows for paid advertisements that show up on the right side of targeted users’ screens. For instance, if a Facebook user in your area likes an article about a Small Firm lawyer solving a high-profile case, Facebook would notice that and most likely advertise your page on their screen. All of these options are customizable, affordable, and do not require a large amount of time during your busy work week.

2. Not Hiring the “Best” People

With Law Graduates having more and more trouble finding jobs, hiring should be an easy process, right? Not always. Law School Graduates are, for the most part, focused on landing a job in a BigLaw firm. How do you convince them to join a Small Firm, where the pay is usually less and they are actually asked to do more than what they specialized in for the last three years. Our previous post, entitled BigLaw vs. Small Firm: Why Small Firms Come Out on Top highlights some of the primary advantages that Small Firms have over a BigLaw firm. In short, these include, but are not limited to: a more relaxed work environment, the diverse nature of the work that they will be doing, and a generally shorter partnership track. These are things that grads do not necessarily think about while in Law School, as they are pressured to be “one of the chosen” into a BigLaw firm. The truth is, however, that BigLaw firms are hiring less, while Small Law Firms are the only sector in the legal job market hiring more people than they were five years ago. The time is now to get premium talent into your Small Firm.

3. Poor Inter-Office Communication

Poor Communication between employees can severely harm efficiency in your Small Firm. In an effort to speed up communication, most firms are already using basic email services in order to communicate with their employees. However, an under-utilized form of communication technology, Instant Messaging, can be used to increase workers’ accessibility to one another. For example, if a Junior Associate is on the phone with a client, and needs a quick question answered, she can simply send an Instant Message (IM) to someone in the office who knows the answer. The message will pop up on that person’s screen and allow them to respond. All the while, the Junior Associate is still on the phone with the client and does not waste any time away from his/her desk. Instant Messaging is available with many email carriers such as Gmail and Yahoo! Mail for no extra charge.

These are only a few possible problems you could face in your Small Firm, but they are all very fixable. One thing to remember when fixing your problem: There is never one simple solution. As far as Marketing, you might try a mix of Facebook, Print Advertisements, and Promoted Blog Posts. To hire better people, you might try to convince potential employees during an interview or get ahead of the curve by going to Law Schools and recruiting them directly. This post is meant to guide you in the right direction as to how to improve your firm overall, and we at Protexure Lawyers hope it helps you do so.

If you are a Small Firm or Solo Practitioner seeking Professional Liability Coverage, we are here for you! Please visit our website or call (888) 803-9898 for a Quick, Free Quote. Our Policy Rates are extremely competitive and geared towards the needs of Small Firms and Solo Practitioners. Don’t forget to Like us on Facebook, Follow us on Twitter, and, as always, follow this WordPress Blog for the latest news, tips, and guides for Small Firms and Solo Practitioners!

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